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What's New?


Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is now available! Great for stiff joints, persistent muscle aches, and limited range of motion. Anna uses gentle techniques to free up restrictions in the fascia.

Get cozy with warming extras

Cold weather is here! No better remedy than a massage in soft flannel sheets on a warm massage table with heated Himalayan Salt Stones and Hot Towels. Besides the therapeutic effect of heat on stiff muscles, Himalayan salt provides gentle exfoliation and negative ion transfer, which is thought to reduce inflammation. Hot Towels flush moist heat into the tissues for instant relaxation.

Online Booking

That's right! You can now book your appointments online. Sessions are available at the new treatment space in Arden Friday - Monday. And don't worry--you can still schedule the old fashioned way too, by phone call, text, email or in person.