Anna is a very gifted massage therapist! I consider myself lucky to have finally found one in Asheville that I want to continue seeing!
— Debbie

She went right to the source of the pain and worked out the kinks. Loved her.
— Katherine

Anna is a gifted and talented massage therapist. She knows just the right touch to soothe and revitalize muscles and tendons that have been weakened or damaged by stress and overwork. Tension and soreness melt away under her care.
— Alex

It was a pleasure to meet Anna. She is a very calm person, which is refreshing. She has a gentle and smooth approach to my massage. The result was that I came out of there very relaxed and many of the muscle knots that I had before she worked on me were gone. I would recommend her services.
— Susan

Be prepared for a really sweet and nurturing experience.
— Theresa