Enhancements deepen your relaxation and prolong the effects of your session.




Aromatherapy uses the properties of various essential oils to enhance the desired effects of your session. There are three blends to choose from: Deep Rest (lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang); Grounding (sandalwood, patchouli, lavender); or Uplifting (sweet orange, eucalyptus, geranium). If you choose aromatherapy, the oils will be applied throughout your session to the spine, neck, chest and feet. If there is a specific oil you want to incorporate, you are welcome to make requests. Anna's brand of choice is Simpler's Botanicals.

Hot Towels

Hot towels incorporate moist heat into your session. The heat loosens tense muscles, allowing deeper relaxation and deeper techniques to alleviate chronic pain with ease. Hot towels are also excellent for wiping away excess oil or lotion at the end of your session. A great choice if you need to be oil-free after your massage! If you choose to incorporate hot towels, you will receive three or four throughout your session. Typically, they are applied to your back, neck, and/or feet, but you are welcome to request other areas.


Magnesium Balm

Topical magnesium is a proven remedy for muscle aches and cramps. Magnesium ions are the molecules that your muscles need to release contractions, and applying it topically to be absorbed through the skin helps to release chronic tension. A great choice for those seeking deep techniques to resolve chronic pain. You and your therapist will decide which areas of your body are in need of this magical mixture. The balm will leave your skin a little sticky, like you've been at the beach, so plan your post-massage activities accordingly. Magnesium Balm is manufactured by Mg12 in Tryon, North Carolina.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a gentle, full-body exfoliating treatment done with a soft bristle brush on the back, arms and legs. Gentle, circular strokes moving toward the heart enhance the circulation of blood and lymph as dead skin cells are sloughed away. Each area of the body is dry brushed before oil or lotion is applied, and the session is otherwise performed as usual.


Enhancements may be added to your session with little change to the overall routine and techniques to which you are accustomed.Each massage you receive from Anna includes one enhancement of your choice. Additional enhancements may be added for $5 each.